Application Process

Children will be selected based on professionally designed assessment tools implemented throughout the course of an application process. Applications will first be screened for level of need. Next, children will complete aptitude assessments and any available academic information will be reviewed. If a fit is likely, children will be invited to attend a 1-2 week camp to determine overall fit for the program. Upon completion of this camp, children determined to most likely thrive at Blaze Kids Academy will be invited to enroll in the year-round program.

Once in our program, children will spend their first couple of months acclimating to their new environmental surroundings and community, as well as, if necessary, receiving any remedial academic assistance necessary to ensure success upon entrance into a community school.

Original main home on the property dating back to the early 1900s. Located near the old barn, this site will be repurposed to house classrooms and a community center for larger gatherings.