Mission Statement

Blaze Kids Academy is a faith-based all-year-around boarding facility where children will live in a caring and warm home-like setting while attending Blaze School, our onsite school which offers a rigorous academic curriculum, and access to competitive extracurricular activities. The home-base setting will serve to provide a safe and secure home for these children, where they will also learn a commitment to virtuous character and service to community. Providing access to a high quality education and opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities will allow these children the benefit of a well-rounded experience with robust opportunity for personal growth and success. Through these opportunities, in combination with the care and nurturing which will be provided by the adults overseeing their care, these children will be able to overcome their undeserved hardships.

Blaze Kids Academy recognizes the importance of an inclusive community, where community residents rely upon one another creating an abundantly rich social fabric. It is through community that people find social connections and self-worth through opportunities that add value, such as volunteering and involvement in civil organizations. Blaze Kids Academy partners with members of the broader community to ensure each child in the program has a support network that extends beyond the Academy, thus ensuring their most likely chance at life-long success.

This 100+ year old barn is planned to be fully restored on the exterior and refurbished to serve as a student gathering space. Upstairs will be a comfy “hangout” space for board games and media. The downstairs will house additional social gathering space.