Potential Students

Ideal candidates for this program, in addition to meeting particular needs-based criteria, will be children who a) demonstrate resiliency, b) an aptitude for high academic achievement, and c) will exhibit a desire to excel and learn in a variety of areas. Blaze Kids Academy will instill the following tenets in the children who reside there: a commitment to excellence every day; the virtue of honesty and integrity in both action and word; and to live for something greater than themselves with the expectation they will grow to become individuals who care to impact the world around them in a meaningful way. The caregivers and staff at Blaze Kids Academy will instill these core values by way of example and discussion as these are at the core of Blaze Kids Academy’s organizational character.

Blaze Kids Academy is accepting applications for children who will be entering either 2nd or 3rd grade in the 2023/24 school year. The intention is for children accepted to Blaze Kids Academy to be with us year-round to participate in an extended school year curriculum. While the intention is for accepted students to stay enrolled through 12th grade, enrollment will be reviewed every year with renewals extended to students in good standing.

Original cinder block cabin dating back to the early 1900s. These buildings are currently under construction to house our Blaze Kids Academy administrative office.