Frequently Asked Questions

Why the focus on rural communities?

The media focuses almost exclusively on urban cities when addressing poverty and substandard education. In response to urban poverty, countless nonprofits have been established to provide education, shelter, food, clothing and opportunities. However, a blind eye has been turned to rural communities. These communities are integral to the social fabric of our country and yet access to high quality education and opportunities to excel in sports and the arts are severely lacking in these areas. There are also other challenges typical to rural communities which make gaining access to quality programming an impossibility. For children with an aptitude for high achievement, this lack of access almost certainly seals their fate as they face boredom and withdrawal both at school and at home, resulting in performance and behaviors entirely contrary to their inherent ability to succeed. Blaze Kids Academy is an answer to the challenges faced by these children who have also lost access to their parents and who would benefit from more rigorous academics and competitive extracurriculars.

What kids would be a good fit for Blaze Kids Academy?

Ideal students for our program will demonstrate the potential to be a high performing student if given the proper environment to succeed. The shared circumstance of all Blaze students will be they have lost access to their parents for any number of reasons.

What do you mean by “proper environment”?

For any student to succeed they need both stability in their home life and access to high quality education and extracurricular instruction. Children have the most likely chance at success when they are in a stable home with access to healthy food, a safe place to sleep, and proper healthcare. As well, to excel in academics and extracurricular activities they need access to the best teachers, coaches and programming. Unfortunately, America’s rural communities rarely offer cutting edge academic programming, access to the latest technology in classrooms, or a wide variety of extracurricular activities from which children can find something they are passionate about. Blaze Kids Academy is uniquely positioned to feel rural with a lot of open space, but also be located near an urban center with easy access to high quality programming.

How long will a student be at Blaze Kids Academy?

Blaze Kids Academy is a long-term commitment. Our hope is that students will arrive at Blaze Kids Academy entering 3rd or 4th grade and will remain a Blaze resident all the way through high school. Each student’s status will be reviewed at the end of each school year and all students in good standing will be invited to re-enroll for the following school year.

How much does it cost to attend Blaze Kids Academy?

Blaze Kids Academy is a scholarship based program. A family’s ability to contribute financially will be determined during the application process. However, no student will be denied entry due to inability to contribute to their tuition. Full scholarships will be awarded based on student aptitude, abilities, and financial need.

How often can students visit their family?

Blaze Kids Academy is a year-round extended school year program. Students will be encouraged to travel to visit their family during standard holiday breaks. Students have the choice to stay on campus during these breaks as well. There will be family weekends at the ranch during which family members are invited to visit students at the ranch and enjoy Blaze Kids Academy hosted activities together. Because Blaze Kids Academy programming is rigorous, it is an expectation of enrollment that students will generally remain on campus so as to reach their full potential.

At what age can kids enroll at Blaze Kids Academy?

Entrance grades at Blaze Kids Academy are 2nd-4th grade.